ORACLE Nite at MAK Vienna

BORIS+NATASCHA: MAK 'Oracle Nite', Vienna Oct 2011October 2011. This participatory performance, commissioned by MAK Vienna, Austrian Museum for Applied Arts & Contemporary Art, was situated within the BORIS+NATASCHA installation.

The installation featured 8 framed ‘ORACLES’, two projected videos (the ‘Making-of ORACLE’ video [13:51min], ‘Freud’s Rohrschach Couch’ [2:00]), ‘ORACLE’ related curiosities from the MAK collection (curated by BORIS+NATASCHA).

The performance featured Berlin medium Susanne Semrow and the Granddaddy of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Hosted by BORIS+NATASCHA, the evening offered a series of special treats to lure MAK participants into a heightened state, including a magic body stamp, a poison-bliss drink complete with edible gold and a secret ingredient, memento mori merchandise and a mass hypnosis led by Susanne Semrow. Across a 15-minute trance, participants had the opportunity to contact Sigmund Freud and then confess their revelations and eclectic experiences to the group. Dancing ensued, to the BORIS+NATASCHA paranormal mix in the Witchhouse Disco.

Watch our short documentation:

Photographs by:
BORIS+NATASCHA, Katja Heinke/Kopperhead Photography, MAK/Nathan Murrell

Or the official documentation of MAK Nite
with a beautiful trance sequence:


Here are the videos that appear in the above documentaries –
The Making-of ORACLE Video:


Freud’s Rohrschach-Couch & the BORIS+NATASCHA Paranormal DJ Mix.
Sources: Okkulte Stimmen by Fischer/Knoefel and David Parsons


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