ORACLE at Jordan/Seydoux & LAGE EGAL Berlin (2014)


BORIS+NATASCHA, 2011, Oracle from the grave of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, München, frottage on handmade paper, 51 x 76 cm, unique piece

November 8 – December 20, 2014

A group exhibition exploring text-based art and set across two Berlin locations:
Jordan/Seydoux — Drawings & Prints | LAGE EGAL Raum für aktuelle Kunst
Curated by Pierre Granoux & Jordan/Seydoux

CROSSWORDS 2 explores the written word visually. From anagrams and palindromes to the playful use of text in new contexts. BORIS+NATASCHA showcase four works from their ongoing project ORACLE, in which they ‘channel’ messages from the (in)famous Dead, via their tombstones – beginning with the Godfather of frottage, Max Ernst, followed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Egon Schiele and Oscar Wilde.

See WORKS for more information.

Artists: Art & Language • Georg Baselitz • Patxi Bergé • Roland Boden • BORIS+NATASCHA • James Brooks • Andreas Burger • Francisco Da Mata • Claudia De La Torre • Piotr Dluzniewski • Ursula Döbereiner • Maurice Doherty • Reinhard Doubrawa • Joel Ducorroy • Ilse Ermen • Claude Faure • Adib Fricke • John Giorno • Pierre Granoux • Sam Grigorian • Alex Hanimann • Knut Hertel • Alekos Hofstetter • Annette Hollywood • Claude Horstmann • Thomas Huber • Sharka Hyland • Judith Karcheter • Mark Lammert • P. Nicolas Ledoux • Françoise Mairey • Antoanetta Marinov • Nanne Meyer • Roland Moreau • François Morellet • Peter Morrens • Bruno Nagel • Alexander Negrelli • Sophia Pompéry • Marc Rebollo • Sven Stuckenschmidt • Mark Themann • Bignia Wehrli • Lawrence Weiner


BORIS+NATASCHA, 2009, Oracle from the grave of Max Ernst, Paris, frottage on handmade paper, 47 x 66 cm, unique piece

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