ORACLE at Kino International Berlin (2014)

BORIS+NATASCHA, 2010, Oracle from the grave of Oscar Wilde, Paris, frottage on handmade paper, 51 x 76 cm, unique piece


February 28, 2014 from 9pm | Kino International Kunst (KIK one), Berlin

The inaugural KIK – ONE NIGHT ONLY
BORIS+NATASCHA invite you behind the scenes of the iconic Kino International and into the red room, to sample their cocktail “poison bliss” and to also view works from their solo ouvres.

Artists: BORIS+NATASCHA, Julian Rosefeldt, assume vivid astro focus, Thorsten Brinkmann, Boris Eldagsen, Amir Fattal, GODsDOGs, Folke Köbberling / David Moises, Bernd Kirschner, Alexa Kreissl, Römer + Römer, Natascha Stellmach, Despina Stokou, Jared Mitchell & RM Vaughan, Deborah Wargon, Peter Wilde, Christopher Winter

See WORKS for more information.

KIKone KIKone2

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